What Our Customers Are Saying

“My sister gave me one of your Pawsitive Tokens on my fur baby’s birthday. I put it right next to my keyboard at work so every time I look down I am reminded of my kitty, Cooper! I just love it!”

-Marlene, Utah

“I gave a Wishing Box to a couple for their wedding. They included it as a part of their personal altar in their new home and placed their wishes for their life together in it. How sweet and charming life is when AngelStar puts love into their products….”

-Rev. Joan F., New Jersey

“My mom has cancer and she has been very sick. I gave her one of the Worry Stones and she loved it. She passed away August 1, 2015. I miss her so much. I take my Worry Stone everywhere I go. When I hold it in my hand I think of my mom, I like to think that little Angel inside that Stone is my Dear sweet mom and I can have her with me always.”

-Judy Cox, California

“I just lost my much loved cat and this urn was a beautiful way to keep her with me. The construction is great and there is plenty of room for her ashes and some of her toys. The bottom plate is held on by screws so I really feel confident that her ashes and toys will always be protected.”

-Mandy, Michigan

“I love my Angel Bracelet. Me and my little sister got them from our 2 big sisters we all have one. My big sisters live far from me and I miss them all the time but when I look at my Bracelet it makes me feel better.”

-Julianna, California

Inspiration From Our Customers