About Us

Original Worry Stone

AngelStar is a family run company with origins dating back to 1991. From humble beginnings to worldwide distribution we have always maintained our determination to create “Inspiration For Everyone”.

For over 25 years we have found ways to take constant steps forward in the ever-evolving gift industry. From the creation of our Best Selling Angel Worry Stones, to our expanded line of Jewelry, Glass Décor, Impulse Items, and Figurines, our line truly does have something for everyone!

This evolution has everything to do with the relationships we have built with our Employees, Suppliers and most importantly, You. Our loyal customers have shared our products with people around the world and their steadfast support of our brand has given us the opportunity to grow from a small family business into a leading inspirational gift company.

Whether you have been a customer since day one, or you are looking at our catalog for the first time, we would like to thank you for being a part of the AngelStar family. Our mission to inspire those around us and spread the message of positivity is one we take pride in developing with you every day. We invite you to join us in spreading “Inspiration For Everyone” by continuing to share our products, the love they carry with them, and the message of inspiration throughout the world.

We are grateful to be able to continue this incredible journey together and look forward to a future filled with inspiration.